studioBoth private instruction and group classes are offered, and no previous artistic experience is necessary. For dates and information, call (615) 356-0295.

Veil painting takes much patience – moving the brush slowly and gently as transparent washes of color are applied to the canvas. Transparent layers capture the light, giving an inner luminosity that draws the viewer into the work. The veil painting method creates a “color space” – colors come into being and there is a surprise each time as the painter never has a particular motif in mind. The color will sing through in different areas and then certain images emerge. It is always a mystery – an exciting mystery – in that the artist never knows what is going to happen!

From a workshop participant:
“Helen is a living example of a woman who understands her purpose to be an instrument of Love and Light. She brought a vision of color when all I could see was gray. She has so much to offer us through the experience of her art and through the instruction that she offers. She brings forth images made visible through the heart and soul. Through the application of many veils of color, our veil of separation is lifted…and we are reminded of our union with the Divine.”

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